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For Sale Section
• To prevent scamming on this website - all users are required to have 65 posts and be registered for 90 days, before they can sell, buy, or trade ANYTHING on our website.
• Do not ask to be allowed into the For Sale Section
• If you are a business trying to sell a product, please direct your contact info to an admin of this site.
• DO NOT ask for permission if you have less than 65 posts - points WILL be taken away and further DECREASE the chance you have to gaining access
• DO NOT try to post for sale ads in other forums - that will result in punishment also
• Whoring WILL NOT be tolerated
• IF you have access to the FS Forum. Sale rules are a must read Here

Signature, Avatar & REP Rules
• No NWS pics in people's rep. This goes for nudity, gore pics, etc.
• Signatures will only be allowed one picture that can be uploaded in the signatures section of the User CP.
• IMG tags will be turned off within signatures so any pictures entered this way will appear only as text and take from your character limit.
• Signatures have 500 character limit which does not include bbCode so you can still put links and other such stuff in your signatures if you so choose.
• No half naked women in your avatars or signatures.
• No NWS Avatars

• Being outwardly racist on this site will result in immediate perma-ban

Street Racing
• Discussing Street racing is not allowed
• Posting ANY Street Racing Video is not allowed and will be a 24/hr ban first offence.

List of Infractions Available To Admin/Moderators

• Inappropriate Language
This is only enforced if directed at another member with harsh intent, interchangeable with the infraction below
• Insulted Other Member(s)
See above
• Signature Rule Violation
Normally we will just edit your sig, but this applies for NWS content and if it is too big
• Spammed Advertisements
We ban spammers out right so unless you are an "OG" who is spamming you will just be banned
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