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Okay, So here is my first ever D.I.Y

So heres what gave me the ides to make one
20131121_172615 by 97acurael, on Flickr

This is what i came up with
IMG_20131120_222123 by 97acurael, on Flickr

This is what i started with

Heres what i did

step1) Think about how big you need it to be, for mine i made it 24"Lx12"W its an okay size but im gonna add on to it.

step2) Take your mesurements and lay them on the 2x4 using a mesureing tape.

step3) Use either a boring hand saw or a quick and handy miter saw to cut the 2x4 to your mesurements.

step4) Lay out two pieces of wood 1 length and 1 width now using your square, square the piece up.

step5) Using my cruddy cordless Drill to start the screws than die right after was not handy. So using a good Drill you can screw the pieces together or nail them together, If you use screws use deck screws at least 3" long. Than do the same with the other Length piece, square it up on to the Width piece that has the Length attached to it already.

step 6) Now attache the other Width piece to the end of the two Length pieces, make sure to square it up.

Now at this point you have a frame, you can use this if you please. But lets say you want to separate your waxes and glass cleaner away from you microfiber towels like me, Well you see Johnny its like this,......

Making a compartment

step1) Take the inside mesurement (L to L).

step2) Mark your 2x4 and cut the piece(s) now fit them inside the frame, take your square and square them up and using your good cordless Drill screw them on in.

Now you can either separate your items or have them all combined weather you did or didn't Congrats your done and can install it in the car......Wait how are you gonna stop it from sliding around, you ask. Well i have the solution for you.

Holding it in

step1) run to your local Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Walmart, or any local hardware store and pick up some metal L brackets
they make a bunch so just chose what ever one you want, You will need 4 L brackets one for each corner

step2) Attach the L brackets to your detail caddy, box, thing. Place one at each corner and screw it in using a 1" screw or nail it in.

step3) insert it into your trunk of your car, using a 1/8"th drill bit drill into the cars body, using a good sized self tapping (metal) screw, screw the bracket to the body and your done except for putting your products in.

So there you have it, I might add before you put it in the trunk you can either paint it, carpet it, or vinyl wrap it or maybe you like wood grain stain the wood or just throw down some lacquer. I hope you like it guys, Don't hate it if you don't like it

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i just don't get this diy. what's the purpose of it? more pics installed?

also if this is a diy. why in hell is there a poll? i'm editing it.
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