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ok so im working on building a vitara/eagle z6. the machine shop has the block right now and they and i are both waiting for my 75.5mm vitaras to get here from fj.
Questions: P2W clearance and ring gap clearances?

i read .001 for every 100 hp for the p2w clearance, current goal is to get to 300 on my 450cc injectors and 57 trim, then later add a delta 272-2 and meth and see where that gets me. so with a max around 350-380? should i set P2W at .003 or .004? this is a daily driven car that will occasionally be beat...?

for ring gaps, the conclusion ive gained is around .018 top, .020 bottom, and
.025 oil, do these sound good??

If you have a rebuttle to any clearances ive posted, please post a reason why to back it up, thanks!

also, i already have a y8 3 layer felpro HG, should i use this or the one that comes in the FJ kit? thanks in advance! DSO is a huge help!
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