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The size of the hole that I cut out was 3 1/4 X 1. Make your cut outs a little smaller than this and open it up till you get a snug fit. The trailing edge of the light has a small cut out that a small flat tip screw driver can be incerted into to press clip in to remove it. I made sure that the bottom of the cut out was parallel with the top edge of the bodyside molding cut out. I covered the area with 2 layers of duct tape made a template to draw out the hole on the tape then used a razer to cut out the tape. I used a dremil tool with some heavy duty cut off blades to cut through fender. Remember cut small then open it up. Touch up the edges with touch up paint. This hole was my final measurement, I started about a 1/16" smaller.

Good Luck and take your time.

Now to wire the lights up.

1. Loosen the inner fenderwell, remove front bumper and headlights. This will give you plenty of room to make your wiring connections.

2. Get 2 3' lengths of 22 awg wire and put a female spade connector on one end of each wire. This is what will plug into back of sidemarker.

3. Use T-taps for the ground and the corner signal. I recommend cutting, soldering, heat shrink and covering with wire loom.

JDM Note: If your going for the true JDM route, you must tap into the corner signal light only. The parking light is to be disconnected from the corner lamp and routed to the street lights in the JDM headlight if you have them.

The best place to make your connections are just behind the turn signal/parking light plug on each side.

Right side (drivers side): one wire to the green/yellow wire, the other to the black wire.

Left side: one wire to the green/red wire, the other to the black wire.

Turn on the turn signals with the parking lights on and verify that the sidemarker illuminates only when signaling. Repeat the install for the other side.
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