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I was originally planning on running the zex 59300 cam when I built the head but lately I have been reading and hearing alot of negative things.

I have been looking into the crower stage 2 turbo cam and they recommend runing their valve springs over stock.Would my zex srpings be compatible with this cam? I really don't want to take out the springs and then sell them for some bullshit amount when they have less then 200 miles on them.

zex spring specs

D16Z6/D16Y8 #912-16 Valve Springs
.896" Outside Diameter
.600" Inside Diameter
Installed 50 lbs @ 1.950", Open 170 lbs @ 1.050"
Spring Rate 240 lbs/in
Coil Bind Height 1.360"
Single Spring coil for both intake and exhaust

crower 68180-16

.885'' outside diameter
.610'' inside diameter
installed 50lbs @ 1.975", open 189lbs @ 1.500"
coil bind height 1.250"

Anyone ever done this? Im probably going to end up with the 59300..

On some other sites I found lots of people running the zex cam with crower springs, and a few people with the crower cam with skunk2 springs but no one running the combo i'm thinking of.

See above...
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Yeah, I don't see any problems with running that combo. I'll be running the 59300 with Shunk2 springs & retainers, and Supertech valves. GL!
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