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I'm building another D15B2 for one our rally cars.

Here is the problem and the question.
The crank I have has some pretty deep groves on both ends where the seals ride. I've tried Speedy-Sleeves, but they leak. I don't want to mess with how far we insert the seals.

What I want to do is to run a bead of weld around the crank at the seal areas and have it ground down to the correct diameter. Good idea or not? If so, MIG or TIG? I can do either.

I'm thinking that since it's not a bearing journal, the surface hardening isn't an issue and all I need to do is to fill in the grooves enough for the machine shop to have something to work with.

I can't find a used crank without the grooves or a new one that isn't really spendy.

I'm open to other suggestions that don't include starting with another motor.
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