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Looking for the Diameters of the Z6, B7, and Z1 crank pulleys. Considering a Z1 Crank pulley for my JRSC setup mainly because I deleted A/C and P/S but wanted to make sure I wouldn't be losing boost going from the B7 pulley to Z1. Thanks
I don't know if you want to run a 3 ribbed obd0 belt. The b1 crank pulley is 6&1/8" You will loose the most boost with the smallest damper of course. The a6 damper is about the same diameter as the b1 but just a fraction lighter than the stock z6 damper.
z6 damper 6&3/8"

y8 damper 6&5/8
but it's about 2.75 lbs heavier than the z6 damper stock, except that it will give you more boost. :devil:

Is the z1 pulley real light and solid or more like a damper?
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