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Crank pulley fell off, is my crank ok?

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So i was just driving going 40-60kph when out of nowhere i hear a loud BANG. pulled over immediately just to see the pulley literally rolling down the road beside me. The car still ran, lost power steering and alternator. grabbed the pulley and went home immediately. My guess was the bolt backed out but how.

Next morning i went to inspect the damage and found i tiny chip on where the woodruff key sits. Made a video and the scratch noise you hear is the timing belt guide cover loose. I just hope nothing internal was catastrophically damaged. i’m gonna check the timing soon. Is my crank still good? i’ve heard about people using JB weld to fix it.

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If the keyway on the crank snout is jack up a little as it appears to be, you should check out DrTalon123's post on here of repairing something like this on car. He did it, and it held up under some very extreme conditions. So it is possible to not have to replace the crank even if it is janked up
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If it's only 100 meters...........Push it.

But driving without a balancer is asking for destruction. I've had a crank pulley come off before. I loctite all of mine now, but yeah. I'm in agreeance. Buy a keyway, a new balancer, a bolt with washer, some red loctite, and torque that balancer down to spec.
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