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Crank pulley fell off, is my crank ok?

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So i was just driving going 40-60kph when out of nowhere i hear a loud BANG. pulled over immediately just to see the pulley literally rolling down the road beside me. The car still ran, lost power steering and alternator. grabbed the pulley and went home immediately. My guess was the bolt backed out but how.

Next morning i went to inspect the damage and found i tiny chip on where the woodruff key sits. Made a video and the scratch noise you hear is the timing belt guide cover loose. I just hope nothing internal was catastrophically damaged. i’m gonna check the timing soon. Is my crank still good? i’ve heard about people using JB weld to fix it.

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You will need to pull the Timing covers off, Belt/etc.. and get a good view of the Crank's 'stub'/keyway, etc..
Impossible to tell anything from that picture, regarding the Crank.
The pulley, is certainly a paperweight now, get a new one.
And when you order one, order a new Key as well.
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update: the key is actually broken halfway and the chip is just at the edge of the crank, how am i gonna pull that thing out?
Once the Timing covers, Belt, and timing pulley are removed:
You should be able to pull the remaining part of the key out of the Keyway (remember to pull 'Up', i.e. Perpendicularly away from the Crank stub).
The best tool I've found to use when doing this, is a good pair of cutting Dikes. Sounds crazy, but in most cases, you don't have a lot of material to grab ahold of, even with a Key that is not broken.
With that said, Good luck!
Also, you want to avoid touching the Keyway with your grabbing-tool of choice, for obvious reasons, you want to preserve the Keyway as much as possible.
A new Key and Pulley, Easy.
Replacing the Crank because Keyway is borked, NOT Easy.
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