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Crank no start

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Hello group new here, I have a 1999 Honda Civic dx my first honda I got off auction, I put a new engine in it, now im having issues starting it.
Things I’ve done-


Compression test all 180 damn near

New oil

Fixed all codes, bad plugs all replaced so zero codes

Replaced the fuel rail

New spark plugs new wires new distributor coil

fuel pump makes noise

replaced some fuses in the car

new battery

And i still can’t get anywhere but just cranking pls help before I scrap it
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stop throwing parts at it and start doing diagnostics.

are you sure you have fuel leaving the injectors?
are you sure you have a proper spark?
are you sure the timing both mechanical and ingition are correct?
all grounds clean and tight?
proper ecu?

or any other suggestions from the thousands of other posts with the same issues.
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Shitty Hondas lol
I have been using old stuff from the old engine that worked before I swapped it I was told at this point it could be something electrical been all over YouTube and threads
Does it actually have spark? Have you checked?
Is the fuel pressure regulator good? If it isn't you won't have enough pressure, plus what Slo says
Timing, Fuel, Spark, Compression
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DIAGNOSE the motherfucker. Loading up the parts cannon will make it WORSE for you. Been working on these fuckers for 20 years and I still forget the basics from time to time.

First things first, rotate the crankshaft so the TDC marking lines up with the pointer. Now pop the valvecover off, make sure the camgear says UP and ticked correctly. If not, rotate engine 360, see if it lines up.

If that is good, pop the distributor cap off. Note #1 cylinder, make sure the rotor is juuuust past the tip of the cap. A cheap ricer style clear distributor cap from Oreillys makes this so much freakin easier.

Then while in there, measure resistance on the ignition coil and ignition control module. Se my signature's 96-00 civic hyperlink. it will help a LOT if you actually open it up and read a bit. Honda does a pretty good job of diagnosing via the online manual.

EDIT remember, nowadays with everyone trying to save on manufacturing, it is more and MORE common to have shit parts new out of the box.
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I know of a guy who spent over a thousand dollars on the exact symptoms. I kept telling him I'd look at it. But he kept doing that. Then, when his Accord did the same thing, he was in a position where he had to have someone look at it.

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Here are a few odd things you should check out in a crank no-start in late 90's / early 2000's Hondas -
*Crank position sensor - Verify it is functional. Don't rely on codes. Bad sensor or wiring will cause a no-start condition.
*For automatic Vehicles - Verify that the gear switch on the trans is working.
*For manual vehicles - Verify that the clutch switch is working.
*Check immobilizer or take it out of ECU (will make you deal with a CEL) - Does not apply to you and your '99
Check the coolant temp sensor - These actually do get fried and give off crazy readings. If it is reading -30 F or whatever, you will have a no-start condition. I have seen it.
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