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1988 Honda CRX Si
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I'm going to be ordering new bearings for my build in 2 weeks so I've disassembled my spare block and cant tell what colors were used for bearings.

On the block it has the following <-Pulley| B B B C B |Flywheel->
On the crank it has the following <-Pulley| 2 2 3 2 3 |Flywheel->

Would the colors be the following <-Pulley| Yellow Yellow Green Green Green |Flywheel->

I know i may need different sizes then what block/crank may say now since it has some mileage on it. But seeing as to how half are Yellow and half are Green (if im reading this correctly) i was going to get 1 set of green and 1 set of yellow to plastiguage and determine from there if i need a different size or not. i on the right track so far??

Thanks in advanced,

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