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Couple Questions.

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Hey guys, I'm planning on picking up a z6 tranny for $90 CAD, it's in awesome condition also. Here's my question, while I'm changing the tranny, might as well replace the clutch/flywheel while I can. I got a couple of options, but unsure of them so I thought I'd ask.

OEM Exedy clutch/flywheel.

Exedy stage 1 organic w/ lightened/resurfaced stock flywheel, or a brand new one around 11lbs. ? Also what would be the comparison between the 2, is it major?

I don't plan on adding numbers to my stock motor, y7 yet.

Thanks guys.
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i have the oem exedy clutch kit and it holds up good, ofcourse i only have slight mods, from what i have heard the exedy oem clutch is about the same as another name brand stage one, they are very reputable and i have seen some pretty high numbers on the oem clutch without loss of power or slipping, now it really depends on what your plans are if it is goin to be nothing more than daily driven with reliable hp then the oem is the way to go if you are planning on goin to the track or strip then you might want to op for the stage one, and i have a stocker flywheel but would like to go to the exedy 11 lb. but i would go any smaller with my mods due to the inertia losing rpms between gears.
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