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ok, need for 91 CRX DX
1. Drive side A-pillar molding, black in color, no holes from where gauges mounted
2.Rear trunk(as honda calls it), its teh lower center storage comparment
(highlited in red)

need the plastic part that the lid mounts to, the plastic base, black plastic
mounting locations cannot be broken, and if possible the plastic part that the mounting screws screw into(while clip, in the body of the car.

im not goign to over pay on these things, all will need to be shipped to ZIP 25401

also, if any one has a 91 CRX pass side fender in torino red, with no damage, let me know.
and a CRX DX front bumper support.
Good luck man, I'm still looking for that rear secton at a reasonable price. Been over a year now.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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