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Many of you probably know who Corky Bell is, if not he is the author of the book "Maximum Boost" which is ofter referred to as the turbo bible.

I just ran across this and thought i'd share...

Corky Bell wrote:

I've spent the past three years writing the second edition of the book “Maximum Boost.” The theme of the book is “how to design and build your turbocharger system and understand why you did it that way.”

With regard to that theme, I am appealing to all visitors to this web page to send pictures of turbo systems or related components for possible use in the book. I need pictures of systems, individual components (intercoolers, headers, turbine outlet pipes, oil drain fittings, intake systems, etc.), interesting details, and anything that is either picturesque of different.

Photos can range from Spark engines, Diesel engines, Motorcycles, drag racers, off road…. virtually anything with a turbocharger.

Please send a black/white or color photos to:
Corky Bell, 203 Kestrel Dr., Spring Branch, Texas 78070
email them to [email protected]

Please include a brief paragraph identifying the item or system, and your name and phone number.

No photos can be returned. No photos will be used in a negative manner.

Thank you and kind regards,
This quote taken from

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Ive read through the first edition a couple times. its a great book with alot of good information, specially for the noobs. I would deifnately buy the second edition.
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