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If your Honda Civic was not equipped with fog lights or you were thinking to replace them, this can be a good solution!

Here are 2 cool options from Spyder, which you might find interesting. Click here to learn more about this brand.

Spyder® - Yellow OEM Fog Lights will be a good enhancement to the look of Honda Civic. OEM fog lights will produce a sharper, more focused beam of light for better vision, and will make your vehicle more visible to other drivers. They are designed to be an exact replacement for your factory lights, however some electrical wiring work may be required; most lights come with detailed installation instructions.

Spyder® - Yellow OEM Fog Lights are designed for Honda Civic Coupe 2012-2013. They come ready to install complete with necessary wiring, and meet all federal regulations for highway use. Because of sharp design light is directed downward toward the road instead for better vision in fog.

Spyder® - Clear OEM Fog Lights are also available.

Which one of those you would like to try?
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