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Continuation of Test the limits of a D15b7!!!!

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Well I figured I would start this thread here because I have now boosted the little d15 and the other tread was in the N/a section.

To give you a recap of all the things this little motor has had done to it in the last couple of months. view here

went to y8 intake and 60mm ls throttle body. This made close to the power of the itb's but used much less fuel and had fewer idle control problems. Also change ecu to a p06 which worked very well with the stock y7 cam profile compared to a p28. The stock p06 ecu achieve the best fuel mileage ever out of the car it consistently got 38.5 miles per gallon on average

During all this I was building my turbo kit and now have it installed few pics of the setup

the turbo is a precision 60 trim 63A/r exhaust ball bearing.
cx racing intercooler donated by a friend.
rc550 injectors for fuel enrichment
ebay cast manifold exchanged for paint ball gun that sat in closet for years.
every thing else fab by me and my tuner.

It is currently on 3psi now because wastegate has a leaky diaphragm. We also installed the lightest wastegate spring we could find in the shop because it currently has no intercooler. I lack the piping. :( I am ordering it on Friday when I get paid. This being said we still tuned it at this setting starting from a previous map of a similar set up. It pulls almost as hard as my friends b20 vtec hatch but heat sokes quickly so only really go it to boost on cool nights. I hope to have the intercooler piping, new wastegate, and tuned on at least 6psi by the time IFO comes in the beginning of October just curious what she will run hoping for low 14's.
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Are you having the big end's of the rods re-sized for the arp rod bolts.

Per instructions it says having the big end re-sized after torquing the arp rod bolts down. Curious if people where even doing this?
I thought this was mandatory because of the installation of the rod bolts. I thought that it puts the big end out of round. Bone had a pic of one being resized or whatever the process is called. It was recent.
If your fan is small enough, you can create more room for boost parts by reversing the polarity of the fan and mounting it on the front of your condensor. And your turbo drain bugs me as well. But if you say its good and you have it running and it doesn't smoke then you're all good.

Everything looks like it's coming along great. Keep it up!
That's awesome you got some fine tuning done......but fir the love of Pete, get those 60ft times down! lol :) Keep.practicing your launches. You'll get there.
I'm hoping his is the one on the right. I would hope boosted motor would run a little bit faster than 15. Nice job, man.

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Once boost comes on its up in smoke rev limiter and grab second.
I know that's not what you want at the track........but it just sounds AWESOME!

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