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so i have done some searching around and want to get this right by getting feedback for my personal situation. i looked for a sticky... sorry im new
(((warning---my stupid N button does not work and i dont always catch it..i HATE it))))

here is my set up in order:
i have a 89 4dr civ swapped over to mpfi
non vtec sohc ZC (fairly new rings ad bearings and built head regrinded valves and .10 has been shaved.. block has been decked also)
light weight flywheel
stage 1 excedy clutch
90 d15b7 tranny( not sure what it would be but that is what it came out of)

right now i have a v-tec p2j2 head(not sure of what it is off of) on the zc block and i have not hooked up the vtec solenoid yet. i want to run it to the ecu and do it right

i have two different ecu's tht plug ad run fairly good.
pg7 and pr3. the pr3 throws a cel obviously for vtec.

the wires coming off my solenoid are blue. gr/yelw. and black

i assume black is groud.. duh

i need to know if i can use the pr3 and not chip it and i need the pinout for it
or do i need to chip the pg7?

ALSO is there any other wires i have to run beside the vtec-to-ecu deal?

thanks in advance

here is a pic of the old setup...

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i personaly would have stayed non vtec and just cut the head alittle more and got a delta regrind and a tune and it would destroy the mini-me
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