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Compression vs Horsepower

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I searched for this but didn't find it.

It is probably different for every motor and depending on other mods but:

How much increase in horsepower will a motor see from (X) amount increase in compression?
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Show me where I said you absolutely can not run more than 12:1 on pump gas. My point isn't that it doesn't work. My point is that you reach a point of diminishing returns by just raising compression. If you'd rather achieve a higher VE by taking up the space, right on for you. I'd rather achieve it by filling the space more efficiently with full timing. Tomayto, tomahto.

Engine theory is engine theory, there are just different applications for different engine setups. I was under the impression that was a Honda site and the engines I was talking about would be self explainitory. Maybe not. If you, for even one second, think that I'm talking about every engine on the planet you're an overly literal idiot. What works on a V8 won't necessarily work on an I4.
Show me where I said it'll run like shit, won't make power, will cost $30k, or that I think I'm a master. I know of several shops that build fast race engines and do quality port work for $500 and under. You can lead a horse to water...
Unintelligent people seldom care about being educated.
It's no wonder professional builders make fun of people like you. They're the only people whos opinions I care about. :)

Note that several of people replying in the follow topics are far more informed than any of you. I'm ignorant compared to these guys but I'm a fucking genious compared to you clowns. Not because of what I know, because I'm open enough to learning new things to do research. :)

Page from an ignorant and uninformed flow bench user manual

p.s. I said diminishing returns with high compression on pump gas but too low isn't a great thing either.. But I've seen that you guys are pretty much the only people in the country who know what they're doing, probably because you all hypocritically read what each other post on the internet.
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Oh yeah, pay special attention to that image. You'll notice that it doesn't have a point for compression anywhere. In fact, the more swept volume you have per cylinder the better. Just raising compression takes swept volume away by the volume of the dome. You either have to run race gas or have a tune that will provide less than optimal power (this doesn't say "it'll run like shit homeboy!"). You're all fucking stupid.
The problem is that nobody's done anything more than flame me. Nobody's been able to prove that you can run 13:1+ with 28-32 total timing on 93 octane. Nobody's proven me wrong that lower compression and a properly ported head will always be more efficient. The fact is that nobody here cares about building engines correctly. In that respect, I guess I am beaten but I will not conceed a more than valid point to the ignorant masses.
Come on dragman99. You're the biggest troll in this topic and I see your name down there. Prove me wrong. Your cousin's, sister's, brother's, nephew's, uncle Billy Joe Bob Fukapig doesn't count as proof.
you are the smartest guy i know. in fact, you're sooooooooo smart that you realize how much more potential a motor with less compression has. since i'm obviously gone wrong with 12:1 c/r and nitrous on 93 octane i've often thought of building my next motor without using piston rings. sure, it'll burn a lot of oil, but the volumetric efficiency will be so much better when i can use the full timing and make the motor spin backwards. i think this is how they did that trick in the fast n' furious.

hey crossdress, you should also install a diy egr system. it's simple, all you gotta do is unbolt the catalytic converter. get you a flange, a new flange, and weld you a 90 degree bend with 18" arms. then get the measuring tape and cut a hole in the floorboard right where the bend starts. bolt it on, roll the windows up and dream about how efficient it is at since you've joined, and then think how efficient it'll be when you're dead.
So what you're really saying is that you're neither intelligent nor informed enough to prove me wrong? At least you finally admit it.:TU:


so i may have missed it, but what are your plans/goals as far as motor setup....?
Haven't posted it because I haven't decided on my next build yet. It'll most likely be a B18C1 shooting for the 230-250whp range all-motor with 11.5:1 compression.
any plans on nitrous, this gonna be a drag setup, or auto-x
Weekend warrior/road race without juice. About the only things I really have left to figure out are what cams and valve train. I need to do a lot more research on the B-Series to find the cams that will give me what I'm looking for which is a lot of mid-range. My head porter's input will be greatly influencial in my final decision.

Of course, any engine w/ a properly ported head is going to be more efficient than that of a stock cylinder head. The initial question for this thread wasn't about efficiency of the cylinder head though. It was about the HP increase for each 1.0 increase in compression. With that said, your point though valid, isn't relevant to the thread. The question isn't about if a D16 w/ 11.5:1 CR and a ported head will be more efficient, it's about if a D16 w/ 12.5:1 CR will make more power than the same D16 w/ 10.5:1 CR, which it will. Can we both at least agree on that?
Indeed. My only point was not to raise compression too high. Then I got flamed because people seem to think I'm speaking in absolutes when it should be pretty obvious that I'm speaking in generalities.

I most certainly agree that a D16 will make more power with 12.5:1 than 10.5:1. Can you agree that a D16 will make more power and do it more efficiently at 11.5:1 with a, and here's the catch phrase, proper setup? If so, I'll stop replying in this topic.
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nah, i can't prove that a car won't run without compression.
Yes. 11.5:1 isn't any compression at all. You're an idiot and your posts are as worthless as your life.
sweet, and

yes... shut up now.....:haha:

j/k'n bro
:hammer: :alky: :D
Eight pages isn't ten, but I'll take what I can get. :D

There, now we can be friends again.

:TU: :beer:
Who said anything about running 28-32 total on pump with 13:1+ compression???? That bitch would be knocking like crazy. I'll be lucky to get 24 total, 26 total if I say a prayer!
So why where you arguing with me about it then? Lower compression means you can run more timing. That was my point from the get.

Cam profile is matched to flow. I'm still learning how that's done. Which is why I said I'd be relying heavily on my head porter's input for the GSR.
try the AKMEE cams, heard they hot!!!!!
Any dyno charts available? Who are these a knock-off of?
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