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Compression vs Horsepower

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I searched for this but didn't find it.

It is probably different for every motor and depending on other mods but:

How much increase in horsepower will a motor see from (X) amount increase in compression?
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Rage Racing/Whitfield Tuning
Church's Tuning
RLZ Engineering
Rocket Motorsport
Don Flores

id like to add to this too..
those name/companies have to deal with costumers that tend to be more on the careless side , so i can understand a conservative compression coming from their advice, they have to deal with potential costumers with the HT typical attitude " i want power, all the compression and cheap gas, and no tuning or a bit of tuning only "

and add to that, over at HT i see many daily driven builds thats way above 12.5:1 compression , so its either they didnt listen? or theyr doing sumthing that those noted peepz dont know.. highly unlikely right?

to add to that, ive bin around B-series peepz locally.. eversince i got into honda's and almost all builds are above 12.5:1 comps, then and now, from running old "SUPER DUPER" pistons to the newer Endyn Rollerwaves,
all above 12.5:1 comp, and the old builds are still running up to now..

yes they are all B-series examples.. but since those names are notable for their B-series work.. then i see this example fit too..

thats my .02

not trying to stirr up anything hehe
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1 - 1 of 194 Posts
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