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Hi guys,
I hope you can help me with my question.
I have a D15B engine, what I would call a JDM minime.

The block is a non-VTEC D15B obd2 pistons are P2C pistons.

The Head is a D15B 3-stage

I am trying to find out what the CR is on my engine with this combination but the compression calculators don't have my setup and im having trouble finding info on the non-vtec block. The pistons seem to have less dish than the stock P2J pistons on the D15B 3 stage but what would de CR be?

Also I know P2J pistons are low friction, short skirt, pistons with long rods (same size as d16). Are P2C pistons the same as P2J but with less dish??
They seems to be from the same family years of engine. both are JDM OBD2

I want to be able to determine what the rod/stroke ratio might be with this info and see how I could benefit from that.

Sorry for all the questions im just having a hard time finding info on this combo. Thanks!!
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