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Do you know the spring rate for those springs? Kit costs quite a bit, I'd like to couple the struts with the springs I listed if they are comparable.

I once found a link to stock spring rates but I can't seem to find anything similar now. I've never been in a car with someone who knew their own spring rates so I'm trying to get a practical idea of what the numbers mean.
Mine are like 375 for the front and 250 for the rear, if i remember right.

Your right there are no kits for an 88, but honestly I think they are Eibach progressive springs.

Konis are great as mentioned before, if you can afford them I would honestly consider them. Otherwise find a spring/strut kit, or a coilover setup, and compare them with building them seperate. Either way you should be fine.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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