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I used to be really active on here and ended up going to the dark side for a while K swapped the car and hauled ass for a while. Had a bunch of expensive stuff to replace at once on the k series and just had started a new job I ended up parting it all out.
I still tune my brother’s k series, he ended up getting my stock longblock motor and a few other things I went [email protected] @1730lbs in my cut up sedan and we ended up going [email protected] @1960lbs in his full street car trim eg hatch. Both cars on m5 methanol. We are about to put in the new jbre 2.4L 13.5:1 motor and hopefully fly this year.
Long intro but I’m back in the d series game now. Got a daily and as always it’s turned into a lot more lol I’ve learned my lesson and going boost this time around. Stock ecu took a crap on me so I ended up getting a s300 boost by gear all the options all new transistors thruought the ecu so it don’t crap out like the one. Been tuning it naturally aspirated for fun but not much to gain in a stock d lol
The car is an eg coupe, we can argue if it’s ej1 6/7/98 idc you know what an eg coupe is. 93 dx coupe, got it from a buddy for $400 needed a head and ended up having to get a tranny for it too once it was running ($60 cl lol). It had the factory d15b7 and ran surprisingly good, especially tuned and -8 degrees on an adjustable gear, so far off from stock had to take the timing belt off and move it a tooth to set base timing with the dizzy lol
I was gathering turbo parts and just had a piece of intercooler tubing for my intake no air filter and the week before I was putting all the turbo stuff on it sucked in a rock and killed a cylinder ? took the #3 plug out and it was crushed shut and the porcelain was loose lol 180+psi everywhere else and that one 70 and dropping. I was babying it to work for a week to get another motor and Friday morning 4:45 am had some exhaust wrap come loose and tangled up in the timing belt and finished that bad boy off lol I knew it was trash and had to move it around the yard so I bypassed the clutch switch and turned it over in gear to pull it around, I know them valves and pistons took a beating lol I still need to pull that one apart for carnage pics.
Got me a z6 for it and installed that weekend(I much prefer the z6/y series head style vs the d15b7 with the plug holes in the back, just more experienced with them). Z6 on low cam feels dogshit slow compared to the b7 that was in it lol I got some vtec lockers on the way, a clutch few other things to do to the motor like put the tapped oil pan on and stuff but it’s all minor.

I’ll post more info about it maybe in a build thread this post is out of control long sorry guys glad to be back


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