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Coilover question

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I just bought some Tom Motorsport coilovers, and they look like this:

What i was wondering is.. What are all the little bushings for? I know the big flat ones go under the top hat of the coilover and on top of the adjuster, but i dont know what all the little ring ones go to. The kit also came with some small screws that screw into the top side of the sleeve but i have no idea what they are there for..

All help would be appreciated.. I'm giong to go install these suckers.
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the o-rings go between the sleeve and the shock body. the set screws hold the sleeve to the shock body. the flat gaskets go between the spring and the upper perch and the spring and the lower perch. use the correct size o-ring to fill the gap between the sleeve and the shock body.

nate - happens to hate this type of sleeve system coilover and strongly prefers the koni specific ground control sleeves used in conjuction with koni's or the koni branded sleeves in conjunction with koni's. cheap stuff is cheap for a reason...
they go inside the threaded sleeve to tighten it up against the strut, as do the set screws. they're pretty worthless though.
Well i wish i would have known that before i installed them. Oh well.. I didnt use the little o rings and the car seems fine..

Haha i'm still using these with stock struts and the cars quite bouncy, as expected... I can only assume that it's going to get worse as soon as my struts go out. I'm going to be buying some better struts soon enough i think, but not just yet.. Probably a month or so.

Car handles much better though. But becasue of the bounce i know the car isnt handling as good as it could be..

The car's slammed, by the way. Haha. I think i'm riding bump stops practically. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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