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21 spline 190mm came in 88 crx/civics
21 spline 200mm came in 86-89 teg/79-87 prelude
20 spline 200mm came in 89 crx/civics
20 spline 212mm came in 90-00 non-b series crx/civics
21 spline 212mm came in 84-87 2.0L Preludes
19 spline 190mm came in 73-80 civics
19 spline 200mm came in 81-87 civics
19 spline 190mm came in 84-87 crx
24 spline 210mm came in 88-89 prelude
24 spline 220mm came in 90-95 prelude non-vtec
24 spline 225mm came in 94-99 prelude vtec

***NOTE: just because some of the vehicles listed have the same spline count and disk diameter does NOT mean the clutches are the same. for the most part, they have same disks but, different pressure plates. if you have any q's, PM me. that does not always mean that i have to reply but, i probably will.
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