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Well yesterday I decided I was going to go ahead and buy me a clutch and try to replace it well I prepped all day Saturday to start Sunday and got interrupted. Well I got started Sunday and I was sitting in my car easing on the clutch and pushing the brake hard and I saw something out the corner of my was my engine , if the hood would have been closed I would have a very nicely creased hood.

So I decided now to check all of my mounts, Well the top right was ok,move to bottom left and the fun begins 1 bolt half ass hanging in there still, continue backwards same thing 1 bolt holding the transmission mount in.

So then brilliantly i noticed something I didn't motor had sank 6 inches in the front and roughly 7 inches on the left side..

So guess who now gets to retap there motor mounts and buy new bolt's and possibly a new tranny casing ... oh and also found out my a/c compressor was seized ( not too worried about that )

Since the motor is leaning hard the the left side of the car and it is leaning on the tranny side could this be the reason my tranny is slipping,ball joint started poping and axles started clicking out of no where?

If you have any suggestion's let me know thanks!
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