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clutch kits

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so i've read on the site so far that all sohc gearboxes from 1990-2000 carry same spline size and count... but im still not sure so:

i have a question/problem if you may...

i recently bought an exedy clutch kit and the number (8020) stamped on the disc corresponds to a sohc honda civic wagon made in 1990-1991.

but i bought this kit for use in my 96-98 Ex....

is it gonna work?

if not the disc, will at least the pp and rls bearing work?

:( :( :(
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im going to go out on a limb and say probably not... but i could be wrong
i mean.. id imagine if they were all the same.. they wouldnt have different kits for each yr/mk/model
autozone website shows same part number , both have 7/8 20 spline shaft
pretty sure there are ~3 different spline size/count. Do a search, or PM tranzex or bone maybe?
i tried searching but havent been able to come up with much. i guess i would just have to wait to drop the box to find out. i sure hope it works though.

pic of the disc
i have used a y8 clutch /pp on my a6 transmission, in fact i have that exact same exedy clutch on my car right now. just drop your tranny and find out for sure

also just found this -
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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