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Today I swaped a 95' D16A6 motor into my 90' si. The clutch on the motor is the same one from the 95' witch was had the hydro S20 trans, I am still using my cable Si tranny with the same throwout bearing in the car though.

My problem is, I bolted the engine up in the car, hooked up the clutch cable. But with the cable adjuster all the way out. The clutch pedal still goes to the floor about 3/4 before pushing the clutch in. There is a lot of play in the arm on the trans.

Do I have to use the 95' throwout bearing with that clutch, if it even works in my cable trans?

Or do I have to use a 90' clutch on the motor instead? The clutch on there is a brand new 6 puck, so I would rather keep it on there if I can.
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