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I have a garet 9B turbo. Which I feel is too small for this motor and cam.
But sourcing a good 2nd hand turbo is a nightmare.

My questions about this

a. Is it ok to grind off the locating tab between the two centers and clock it how I want.

b. Is it ok to flip the turbo i.e. Send oil in to the oil out port. And drain from the oil in port ? I know its not advisable. But Ive seen some guys do this.

If anybody has exp. With junkyards and turbos and is willing to help me find a turbo which is slightly larger it would be great.

I did fine a IHI 5 VF34 off a US Car. But cant seem to find them on ebay any more.

My target is 210 BHP on stock internals. THe 9B will tun out of steam by 7000 RPM I know.
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