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I'm starting to get sick of only fitting one car in a two car garage so I'm trying to get rid of a lot of things. Well that and I want Alpine's new 2007 head unit models that plug into your ipod :) . Make offers, located in San Diego, California.

Just added a bunch of parts
For Sale:
-VTEC Solenoid, works on D and B series engines
-PM6 ECU 5-speed
-automatic P2E ECU
-Sony Xplod CDA-CA810X head unit, comes with remote
-OBD1 vtec Wiring harness (off a 92-95 5-speed civic ex/si, missing one plug, not sure which one it's a single yellow wire with a red stripe)
-OBD1 non-vtec wiring harness (off a 92-95 civic)
-OBD2a vtec wiring harness (off a 96-98 civic EX, missing thermostat ground)
-AEM Intake for D16Y7, CARB legal
-Black Broadway mirror (used for about an hour)
-96-00 Civic radio
-D16Y8 head
-D16Y7 cam and camgear
-stock civic shift knobs
-stock civic shifters
-D16 valve covers, one is bare metal and the other is OEM wrinkle black
-Auto transmission off a D16Y7
-D-series torque converter
-92-00 civic shift linkage
-92-00 civic pedals (clutch, brake and gas)
-92-95 civic rubber firewall cover
-VSS off a civic
-H4 hyper white bulbs fits 96-00 civics
-96-00 civic hubcaps (2 have curb rash, not too obvious. so probably for someone who curbed his and wants two good ones, or just to cover your steelies)
-bare D16Y7 Intake Manifold
-D16Y7 stock airbox
-2 coilover adjusters (for sleeve coilovers not the spring, the other part, they fit my skunk2's)
-Y7 cam gear
-Pioneer speaker covers (2 6.5" covers and 2 6X9 covers)

Local Pickup Only
-D16 EX 5-speed transmission (grinds in third)
-D16 LX 5-speed transmission (grinds in third in higher RPMS, 5000+)
- One piece 4-1 header for D-series engines
-steering knuckles/upper control arm/caliper/rotors off a 97 Civic LX (pads and rotors are bad)

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pics of the y8 head?

miles...anything wrong or missing with it...etc

98 Civic EX
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2 coilover adjusters (for sleeve coilovers not the spring, the other part, they fit my skunk2's)
how much shipped to 36081????

Mostly the 91 CRX
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