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damn, im a lazy bastard.

Step 1 after washing outside of car pop hood
Step 2 wash underside of hood with brush and soap
Step 3 rinse motor and hood
Step 4 dump leftover soapy water all over engine bay
Step 5 using spare rags clean motor, hoses, wire bundles, firewall, etc
Step 6 Rinse

I do this about once a week in the spring/summer/fall and a couple of times in the winter, have only had 1 time when I had an issue with water in the dizzy cover, all I had to do was take the cap off, wipe it out, put it back on and start it up.

Then after its all dried up, spray the hoses and wire bundles with dressing, wax the VC and underside of the hood. Then with foaming tire dressing I spray the engine bay (avoiding spraying it on pulleys or into the alt)
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