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Well I am building a D16Z6 and I ordered a Moroso oil pan/pickup. I put it on the motor last night and was quite happy with the fitment. The welds were very good and the thing fit almost a nicely as stock. The only draw back I found was that tourqueing(sp) was a pain in the all at the points where the "wings" stuck out. I will post more once I get the motor back in the car and fill/drive. As it looks now the seal is very tight and the ground clearence is almost identical to stock.

I am very pleased with the part and the only other braw back to it that I have noted so far that I did not already list was the price. But so far the saying "You get what you pay for" holds true.

P.S. With all the parts I have purchased in the last couple of months for my build up, I will add quite a few more Product Reviews.

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