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I have a 90 Civic with a d15b7 block, d16y8 head, chipped PM6 with z6 timing maps and fuel maps running a vtec switch separately, and a d16z6 59100 comps cam with a d16z6 indexed adjustable cam gear. My questions are:

- Would the distributor be centered on the head aiming centered not advanced or retarded even after retarding the cam gear 4.75 degrees to compensate for the lower deck height and show 16 degrees with the timing light?

- Once I retard the cam gear 4.75 after setting the cam gear perfectly at TDC along with the block at TDC, will I have to adjust the distributor to find 16 degrees by advancing or retarding?

I ask this because I had understood that I could throw the timing together, center the distributor, and then simply if I dont get 16 degrees at the crank I have to continue adjusting the cam gear until I get 16 degrees like a stock engine. I just don't know if this all changes once the mentioned above has been altered. Thanks! Would appreciate any help.
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