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Hi mates,

I am new to this cool website. So, to introduce, am a big fan of honda engines and i just got myself a honda civic 1.5L vtec manual transmission car, originating from runs great and is quite economic as well. the engine code is D15Y4 and I believe its got vtec-e. horsepower is about 110-115. currently, I have the following mods :
exterior - body kit,angel eyes, front grill, vortex spoiler
under the hood - simota air intake, air charger, Denso IK20 iridium sparks.
Am done with exterior tuning and wanna concentrate on increasing the hp of my ride.
I'm considering the following mods
- straight flow muffler
- sports header/manifold
- ECU tuning (btw, can it be done with D15Y4??wat are the hp gains??)
- lightened flywheel and pulley
- strut bars/sway bars
- voltage stabilizer

Are these worthwhile? and at the end, how much hp u guys think i will gain?
I'd be grateful if you could comment especially if you've got same configs.
comments/suggestions/criticism most welcomed. Thanks

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Those mods are useless without a cam some comp and a tune.
Im guessing the header and intake will net you 2whp and 1tq.

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T-mack's right those mods aren't gonna net you much of a gain. Some of them will make your motor feel more rev-happy (like the light weight flywheel) but nothing substantial.
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