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Mista Bone's 2009 Chili Recipe

yes, it has beans, STFU!

3 lbs. of Ground Beef
2 lbs. of hot pork sausage
10 15 oz. cans of beans with chili seasoning
8 15 oz. cans of diced tomatos with onions or green chiles
4 10 oz. cans of Ro-Tel diced tomatos with green chiles or habaneros
1 7 oz. cam of chipotle sauce
1 7 oz, can of smoked chipotles in adobo sauce
1 lb fresh onions
3-6 peppers of choice
5 tbsp of chili powder
2 tbsp of mexican oregano
2 tbsp of cumin
2 tbsp of coriander
1 can of Murphy's Stout beer

11" skillet
13" diameter by 9" tall pot

Of the 10 cans of beans, I used 4 cans of Brooks Chil Hot Beans, 6 cans of Chili Hot and Spicy beans.

Of the 8 cans of diced tomatoes, I used 3 cans of Red Gold Chili ready with onions, 5 cans of petite diced with green chiles.

Of the Ro-Tel diced tomatoes, I used 3 cans of mild, one can of HOT with Habaneros.

Lets get started....

Get the pork sausage started in a skillet.
While that is cooking put the 8 15 oz. cans of tomatoes into the pot over medium heat

After 5 minutes add in 1/2 of the dry spices, keep stirred.

Chopped the onions

When Pork Sausage is done, drain and add into the pot,

Return 2 tbsp. of grease back to the skillet, add in the chopped onions.

Cook onions until transparent or carmelized depending on taste.

While Onions are cooking add in the 10 cans of beans to the pot, keep stirred.

When onions are done, add to the pot with remaining dry spices.

Start the ground beef.

Finely dice and add peppers of choice.

Add in the beer, chipotle sauce, dice the smoked chipotles and use the sauce included.

Drain beef, add to the pot, stir and bring to a very soft boil, reduce heat to very low and cover.

Adjust spices as needed, very easy to screw this up, I just leave things be.

Stir every half hour to prevent burning the bottom of the pot, a major sin! Good time to do the dishes!

Simmer 2-4 hours, then serve or allow to cool for freezing.

If I forgot something or there is a typo, KMA and go make some chili!!!!

Brokedick Millionaire
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The night before.......

21 cans of goodness

3.2 lbs ground beer, 2 lbs. Hot pork Sausage

Need to get a LARGE onion and a few peppers tomorrow, maybe some tomato sauce and a nice dark beer.

Expected yield, 3.5-4 gallons. Thankfully I have a 5 gallon pot to use :)
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