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short lil tutorial here.... make ur favorite fried chicken however your normaly used to making it as long as its in a frying pan...preferably iron cast seems to work better an preferably fried chicken thighs...mmmm

chop potatoes into resonable sized chunks ater pealing an boil as u would for mashed taters but let them stay a little firm..not mooshy. take ur chicken pan an scrape up any loose chicken crispies that r stuck to the pan an get that oil nice an hot. throw boiled potatos in the frying pan u just made ur awsome fried chicken in a let those chickin crispies fry onto the potatoes, flip accordingly and serve with chicken an some 57 sauce!

recomended side dish? salad an sauce.

shred some lettuce an slice some onion relativly thin an drench in this somewhat coleslaw like sauce

2 heaping table spoons of mayonaise NOT MIRCLE WHIP
tabe spoon o vinegar
3 tables spoons of sugar
splash o milk

stir with fork an cover everything with it yum

mesurments r vague because well... i add this an that by sheer taste alone.

yayaya horrible cooking write up but its what i just made for dinner :p
if given the option this is what ide have for my last meal before getting the chair
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