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chicken and cheese wrapped in prosciutto is one of the best ideas ive had for dinner in a while.

I ate it along with some buttered noodles and garlic bread with cheese on top.

ate the noodles but managed to save some of said dish before it disappeared.

now keep in mind i didnt let the other bacon wrapped chicken cook as deep as i did this one, i just personally like crisp bacon.

took 3 chx breasts (cut them in half) tenderize and season to liking
A pack of bacon, (depending on how many pieces you make)
preferred type of cheese.(but recipe calls for pepperjack or mozzarella)
short on both I used tillamook cheddar cheese.

Put the cheese in the chicken some people put ham inside as well but thats another recipe.

wrap the chicken around the cheese
take 2 strips of bacon and wrap individually around chicken, stick with toothpicks or skewers to hold in place.

lather rinse repeat with other pieces

preheat oven to 350

put pieces on thin lipped cookie sheet

whole cooking process should take 35-45 minutes depending on how brown you want your bacon.

dont forget to turn over to other side halfway thru

noodles and the bread arent special, theyre a given. left over heat should cook your bread in no time

place on bread, spread with favorite topping,

I used southwest salsa because its chocked with the veggies you would use otherwise.

unless of course you would like to quickly grill some asparagus, mmm love that shit...

ps. sorry pics small, used camera phone, doesnt expand for shit without pixelating


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