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Check engine code 7 OBD0

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hello guys, my car was running fine and suddenly my check engine went on giving me code 7 and 14 (tps and iacv) and the throttle response got weird, like when i tap the gas pedal the revs first go down and then it revs up and because of this its difficult to not stall sometimes. It also idles pretty low.
so... i cleaned the IACV because it had happened to me before and the check engine went off but after minutes of driving the car, the check engine light comes on giving me this time only code 7 and with the same problems.

should i replace the TPS?
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before you try changing the tps ,take into consideration that it could be a fault with the wiring .

if you have a dvom check the pinouts for tps on the harness ...

Link for checking TPS. I use a small paper clip to probe into the connector instead of buying a fancy through wire probe. Hope this helps.

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Test before replacing, not sure if you got a link already my iggy list is up in here. If you have a voltmeter you can test the tps.

HELP QUICK PLS, Code 7 on OBD0 b16 - Honda-Tech
thankyou ill test it tomorrow
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