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Cheap power adders for d16y8

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I just picked up my 98 civic ex last week, I really need to add some power to it, but do it for the least amount of money possible. I had to trade in my 03 wrx, which I had well into the 13's, so it's quite a dropoff to the civic. I had a h22a accord I swapped myself 2 years ago, so I am quite familiar with hondas. I just am not an expert with the d series motors yet. I have already got an aem intake, and pullies, I will get a header of some type soon too. I plan picking up a extra y8 head and intake manifold and port and polishing it myself too. What I need to know is what throttle body should I get (integra LS,gsr, b16 or another y8) to portmatch and polish also. Last what valves, springs, and retainers have people had good luck with, I plan on putting in a crower stage 2 or zex cam before I install the head.

Before anybody says anything about being a waste of time all of this including the intake and pullies I already have is only going to cost around $1000.00, which is alot more hp for my $ than an engine swap.
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I'd go with the LS T/B because is same size as others but be found for cheaper or if you wanna be really cool get a ITR T/B which is 62mm...I have the zex stage 2 cam and I love it im using the stock valvtrain though and it sees 7500 quite often...anyways good luck with the build.
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