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anyone have any good how to dos or DIYs? on removing and OBD-II Steerinh Wheel on a 1996 Honda Civic CX with Driver and Passenger SRS Airbags?
I'de like to swapout my wheel for a mugen one across from it being ilegal, anyone know how to do it?

I Know you have to let it sit for a 1/2anhour to an hour and then start to remove it, but how?

Any info would be good thanks n advance!

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Umm remove battery negative.. and after a lil while to be safe, unplug the srs plug under the steering wheel. then just start undoing bolts to remove the airbag then the steering whell itself... it'll be able to pull off eventually.

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It is technically illegal in all 50 states to remove the steering wheel of a car with airbags and you can be ticketed for alterations to that system. Even if you are replacing it with the momo airbag steering wheel you are still altering the factory equipment and at least in cali and new york i would be worried. because both are fairly strict about some of that stuff. (cali all that stuff). Also note that your VIN number and tag tell that your car has Airbags so you cannot alter that tag to say you do not cause that is also illegal.

I just wanted to warn you before you did it. If you don't care go for it. Im glad to own a 90 dx which did not come with stock airbags:) yay for me. But my old 95 Saturn did and I chose not to change the wheel because of this.


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ok for removing the steering wheel and doing it yourself
as for the SRS stuff.
ok first off...take off the neg battery terminal
depending on if your car has cruise control or not there are two black or gray
plastic things ont eh two lower left and right hand sides of the steering wheel
remove them with a phillips screwdriver.
turn your wheel to the right I believe so the left opening is facing upwards
then disconnetc the bright yellow wige and the bolts that are holding the air bag assebly to the steering wheel on both sides...
CAREFULLY remove the airbag cause its worth a pretty penny to the dealers
now make sure you wheel is centered forward both wheel pointed straight..
you can remove the wheel one of three ways...
first remove the big honking nut on the hub inside there..
any way is fine...friend hold the wheel
let the wheel lock with the key out and crank the hell out of it..
now center the wheel....
you can remove the wheel with either a steerting wheel puller..from autozone
or you and your friend can pull really really hard!! just dont be drinking while doing this
and make sure you marked where the TDC for your wheel is..
now put the steering hub on thewheel and put the nut on there..
and follow the instructions on the horn and put eveything together reverse of what you removed it..

AS for the SRS crap

on your fusebox under the dash you will find a yellow plug...(SRS stuff is always brightly colored for a reason)
pull that yellow tab out and there is a place here somewhere that gives the sequence to turn off the light..
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