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If you consider yourself as a serious street and drift enthusiast who wants a no compromise coilover suspension for his Honda Civic, Racing Spec Coilover Kit from Buddy Club is a great option to consider. This 15-level dampening adjustable coilover system with separate height and dampening adjustment allows to lower the vehicle to a desired height without affecting their damper settings and ride quality. Maximum drop up to -1.3".


- 15 Level Adjustment
- Adjustment Bracket
- Single Tube Type Shell Case
- Spring Seat /Lock Seat
- Original Spring - a special coating gives extra protection against any corrosion caused by the every day driving
- All Racing Spec Damper uses the mono tube design shell case
- Steering response will be dramatically improved by adding upper pillow ball mounts instead of the factory rubber bushing
- 1 year warranty from Buddy Club.

Buddy Club® - Racing Spec Coilover Kit

Equip your Civic with a race proven coilover system from Buddy Club while maintaining simple street style adjustment!
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