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I raced my buddy's 1988 Lancer Shelby. It has a 2.5 turbo engine, 3inch downpipe and full 3 inch exhaust, super 70 turbo, 2.5 intercooler piping, and he was running 15lbs of boost. His car is extremely fast for a vehicle that weighs 3300lbs. I have a 1998 civic hatch and here are the specs:
1998 d16y7 block(stock)
1994 d16z6 head(stock)
ssauto mani
t3 turbo .42/.48
2.25 inch intercooler piping
vortech fmu
adj. fuel pressure regulator
honda prelude injectors 345cc
2.25 inch full exhaust
11lbs of boost

We went from a 2nd gear roll at about 60-70km/h and right away i pulled hard on him. I shifted into third and my clutch slipped so i left off the gas and he pulled 1/4 of car on me. I punched the gas and the clutch hooked. I jolted ahead of him again and started pulling on him. It was over. He said he could see when i shifted that the front end of my car would lunge forward. I was quite happy with the car's performance.
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