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My check engine light has been on since I've owned the car. Doing research, and using the search button, I have since gone to Vatozone for them to tell me it's a P1456 - The ever popular tighten gas cap at least 3 clicks/replace gas cap issue. I've tried both of those, reset the check engine light, but it still comes on after +/- 100 miles of driving (car still runs great, awesome gas mileage, etc). The friendly vatos of Vatozone were kind enough to print out some solutions to this issue. Here's what they printed out for me, verbatim:

Troubleshooting P1456

EVAP emission control system leak detected (fuel tank system)

Probable causes:
1 - Loose fuel cap (no shit)
2 - Vapor canister saturated
3 - Failed vent solenoid
4 - Failed purge solenoid

OK, my question is, where does one locate the vapor canister/vent solenoid/purge solenoid on a 2005 EX 5 speed? Once I find where they are, should I replace them? Other thoughts?

Here is one suggestion I ran across from searching:

"if it isnt the gas cap, something else is letting out the gas tank pressure. a line could be busted or loose, the vent solenoid could be stuck open (depending on what code it is) or the vapor canister could be leaking. the system should be smoked or pressure tested to find the leak. There is an EVAP service port marked with a green tag near the throttle body. a shop connects a smoke machine or pressure tester to that port while a technician searches or listens for signs of leakage. There really isnt one part you can change to make the light go away. and youre only getting the code when the monitor runs, which explains the delay between reseting and the MIL setting. i think if you drive around with less than 1/3 of a tank of gas all the time, it wont ever run, but you dont want to do that forever."

So the gist I get from that response is to get the system smoke tested. Seems like a last resort solution if no other solutions work.

Also, I'm new to the Honda game. Not looking to give it 300+ HP, I'm just looking to keep this car reliable and looking good. Unless I come across a ton of money, then I'll turn it into a monster (I think I'm pretty close to blueridge motorsports, I'm in asheville, aren't they in morganton?)
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