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Carb to EFI Conversion

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Ive searched the forums for similar topics, couldnt find one so i created a new one.

My current engine is a carbureted D13 making 82 hp in the crank. prospect engine to be swapped is a D16Y8 from a 97 EK Civic, i will be getting the engine, tranny, ECU, Harness & Axles.

From what i know, i need to source the following to proceed with my project:

1. EFI Fuel Pump
2. PGM-FI Main Relay
3. EFI Fuel Filter

Now my Q is: what are the other things i need to get? What do i need to prepare?

btw, the car to swapped is not a civic. its an asean car that honda built to cater for the market. its called a city. so there's some differences with the suspension and brakes. but basically, installing another D series is a easy as 123.

Thanks in advance guys.
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I think you need fuel tank and lines(supply and return) from EFI-equipped car too. Carbs don't have fuel return.
It's quite a daunting task on a carbed Civic, and that is a car that came with EFI from the factory... let alone a City that never had an EFI version. You'll make more power if you run the y8 with good carbs (Weber, Mikuni, Dellorto... even bike carbs on the runners of a hacked up stock manifold). It'll be not unlike an ITB setup, but without the hassle.
on a carbed eg hatch, its easy, just get an eg efi fuel tank etc,

now on a honda city? i see an easy option is to convert ur carb tank into an efi tank by means of installing an inboard efi pump... ive seen it done alot of times and, it is fine..
But the question arises : why ?

Unless you go boosted, I see a set of decent carbs as the better option tout court. (excuse my French, I don't know how to express that in English... nor in Dutch or any other language, come to think of it :noway: )

You could even get a set of Keihin CV carbs off a D14a1 or D16z1 and use those for a cheap solution. I doubt they'll lose you power, since the D16z1 makes just as much power as a D16a6, and people put z6/y8 heads on the z1 too with good result.
orion is spot on !!!!!!!!!! WHY !!!!! make the best of what you have
well, i believe from where the OP is from... efi is what they want hehe
why? because i think its a better engine to start my "tuning"

i only tried to do the "simultaneous" trick on my stock carb. yes i believe just swapping a weber or dual keihin carbs will boost the hp easily,

no real plans of racing, just my opinion; in case i decide to gradually tune the 1.6 engine to my liking, isn't it a better platform to start compared to my carbed 1300 cc motor?
I was pointing at mounting the dual carbs on the D16y8 engine instead of using the fuel injection. ;)

The ECU will only be used for the ignition (make sure you chip and tune it for best power).
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