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Hi, OK
here's the deal,
I put in a new stereo deck today,
well new-used anyways. So I drove to my friends house, car worked fine,
then we did the stereo, and noticed a fuse was broken,
replaced it (was the 15a stereo fuse), stereo started working then.
But now I went to start my car and it won't turn over!
it'll crank and crank, and gets power everywhere,
but wont start.

I CANNOT hear the fuelpump priming at all as well,
so I think the engine just isn't getting fuel at all(tank is half full tho).

Anyone have any idea what this could be ?
I did have some frayed wires going to the stereo for a minute,
and forgot to unplug the battery during the install.
Had that blown stereo fuse too.. never found out why that blown.

But can't find anything fuel related thats blown.
all fuses are good.


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it is pretty old car,like mine...prolly the main relay.
did the car refuse to start before,specially in a hot weather or after a very short parking?
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