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Car won’t start

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So my dad just recently bought this 03 civic for $500. The lady we bought it from says all it needed was a new clutch (clutch pedal is loose as hell) and also the car won’t start because her husband installed a push start for security reasons (it’s running to the battery and starter as shown in pictures) and she doesn't know whats wrong with it, i tried to bypass the immobilizer but couldn’t figure out how after watching serveral videos. When i turn the key , the green key light starts flashing and when i hit the push start, all the dash lights go off and a clicking sounds comes out the engine bay.
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Checking ground cables and pulling the codes is the first step.
Check engine light codes? Accelerator cable also needs to be replaced im about to see what’s wrong with the clutch
sounds like the immobilizer is not happy.
Got any idea on how to bypass it
1 - 3 of 7 Posts