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ok so since i did my turbo install, my turbo seals have blown to user install error of the oil drain. it was kinked and pushing oil out into the exhaust...
so i did not drive it for 3 weeks until i got a stainless steel braided line to replace it. since then it has not smoked or leaked out oil... but recently about 2 months ago it started happening and putting oil in the charge pipes...

so yesterday i rebuilt the turbo and it does not smoke as much, but it still smokes... could this be just the left over oil in charge pipe and exhaust being pushed out and such???

i did do a compression test and it came out 210 for all.

or what could be causing the smoke stuff?

some times it blueish which i beleive is the oil from inside the charge pipes being burned, and sometimes its greyish which i think is after turbo oil leak into exhaust being misted out and such... i used to get oil deposit in the muffler, so i cleaned it out last night to see if it would return.
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