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hey guys i have a 92 integra, sorry guys not a d but im hoping you can help me. my car will start up fine when its cold, but after driving it around and it gets warmed up it will start to hesitate and stutter when i give it gas, and it start to get progessively worse. untill it will finally bog down and quit. usually in lower rpms. and i have to wait a few minutes to let the car start up again. i can here the fuel pump cut on so i don't think its fuel. and i tested the coil and it was 12,600 ohms between the positive and negetive terminals and 0.2 ohms between the positive and winding terminal. i havn't had a chance to test the ignitor, but if it was a coil or ignitor can it slowly go out? or do they go out at once. i don't have any cells. i was thinking i could disconnect the o2 sensor and drive around to see if thats it. the spark plugs are new, and the cap and rotor look good. i also tested the wires so i don't think it could be one of them.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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