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car alarm help

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so i was always worried about my car being stolen thats y i liked my car alarm b/c u cudnt rele start it without the remote. so when i needed to move the siren i didnt mind. well recent events lead me to believe that if i wud have had that siren id still have my radar.......:(
My question is can i adjust the sensitivity of the alarm, i believe it is made by prestige. it goes off so easily its annoying, like washing the car it will go off



edit and i want to see if i can incorporate motion sensors into my current setup
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depending on the model is how you'd go about adj the sensitivity. You can add in a motion sensor pretty easily. You don't want it too sensitive, it will get annoying really fast ;)
some alarms have a little box that has two little knobs on it that you cn use to adjust it, others you have to upgrade to a more/less sensitive one..
i want to desentitise it

any idea where it wud be havent found it yet
some alarms have a little box that has two little knobs on it that you cn use to adjust it, others you have to upgrade to a more/less sensitive one..
I believe your talking abost the Shock sensor. What type of Alarm do you have then it could be easier to tell you
all i know is that it is made by prestige
on some models of alarms you have to adjust the sensitivity either with a computer or the remote. If you have the book for it you can find out what you have to do also you could probably dl it from the internet. BTW prestige is made by audiovox that should help you find a book if you need to. If you go to and type in the model number off your alarm you can find a book that way. ( I cannot spell manaul i think that is right so thats y i said book instead.)
thanks man

through searching i think i have a Audiovox APS25CH Prestige system but am not 100%
If that is the case then you should have a remote shock sensor that would have some kind of adjustment screw on it. Look at the book and find your module and trace the colored wired that corespond w/ the wires that run to the shock sensor. Typically turning screw clockwise make the unit more sensitive and vise versa.
why is it armed if your washing your car?

do what i did...yank the shock sensor. its stupid. and a motion detector...holy fuck thats a nightmare. that shit will false on you all the time.

try getting a glass break sensor, battery backup, and at least one more siren. basically, if someone wants yours shit, theyre gonna take it.
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The shock sensor should have an adjustment on it to allow you to turn up or down the sensitivity. Just locate it, which should be close to your steering column under the dash and turn it down.
dude i dont have the bbook or even know where it is for that matter this was on the car when i got it.

would the shock sensor b a blue tube under my dash?

where did u mount ur motion sensor
it is more than likely going to be a box with a sensitivity screw on it. itll look like you can get a small flat head screwdriver in there. do you have a camera?

i know the dei ones are clear and have an LED in you see anything like that?
there a blinking led on my dash for it. i will follow its wires to the source!
i found the lil lack box just cant get to it... imnot sure if theres knobs on it but i will know more when i go back with tools.

what kind of motion sensor do u guys recommend
A shock sensor is alot better than a motion sensor IMO. If a big rig drives by and blows the wind by your car a little it will go off. Just set your shock sensor to the point to where if you hit your diver or passenger window, it will go off. Dont want it going off when a cat jumps on the hood. A motion sensor will not go off if the window is broken. Nor will the glass breakage go off if they hit the car. Or tried to jacl your wheels.
good point i was gonna add a motion sensor in addition though
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