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Can you spot

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that thing sucks ... hes an idiot the valve cover says b16a on it ... and hes trying to say its a b18c1 ... it LOOKS like its out of an old del sol si ... i believe thats what the b16 del sols looked like... that car screams rice .. fuck that thing ... the only good thing is the leather GSR seats ... but look @ his cheap ass speakers and deck and that apc strut bar .. AND THE PEP BOYS PEDALS !!!! THAt car isnt worth 800 bucks, the SEATS may be worth 800 but not the car ... that guy is probally gonna rip off whoever buys it and run with the money .. to fix that wack ass integra ...
haha witchita ... sounds like a creepy ass place ..

" UNless I get teg type r for my civic Then its D who... "

- traitor !! :shock:
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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