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turn up tha boost !
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I have searched and asked and have yet to get a diffinitive answer.

I blew a rod in my '99 EX.
I found a Vitara built z6 block for pretty cheap.
I want to spend the least amount of money but end up w/ a built block in the end.

I want to stay OBD2 for now due to $$ for whole the conversion.

I know it will need z6 head studs and one y8 stud near the VTEC-noid
The z6 block does not have a knock sensor.
So the only way to solve that is to drill and tap a hole for it??
Is it worth it if the block is already assembled?
Are there other limiting factors that I do not know?

I'm not converting to OBD1 at this time;

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there is another sensor your missing in your thought process.

here is a hint, crankshaft.

other then those two sensors, you should be good to swap over. but honestly, your car is going to suck ass in the top end runing such low compression (~7.8:1)
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